Grow your impact today, for healthier businesses today and tomorrow

If you care about the world we live in, love the dynamics of business – and want to make a tangible impact… The Wearth Company & Collective are looking for you! You will work side-by-side with experienced ‘top-tier’ consultants, entrepreneurs and innovators. We see balance, joy and entrepreneurship as essential building blocks of fulfilling work and careers. Check out our team to learn about your future colleagues 

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We will support you, challenge you and mentor you. Our clients will do the same. And we expect you to return the favourWe are opening a Master’s internship and a starter’s position soon. A passion for sustainability and business are crucial. And we are happy to be convinced and surprised by your application. Not looking for a job, but interested in exploring partnerships or becoming part of a growing ecosystem? Great! We are all about partnering for impact. Contact us or have a look under ‘our partners’

About The Wearth Company

The Wearth Company’s mission is: “enabling businesses to thrive in harmony with nature and mankind.” The Wearth Collective is The Wearth Company’s first venture: a consultancy dedicated to helping companies make sustainability work for and with them, whether they are a front-runner or talking about it for the first time. Why we have called it “Wearth? Because business all about value or ‘worth’and we are all about generating worth for both business, people and planetThis can only be achieved together (WE)requires mastery (ART)passion (HEART) and keeping a close eye (and both feet firmly) on EARTH   

We will be moving into our new office space (Utrecht region) very soon!