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Fix issues today and sign up for long-term business success

Long-term business success comes with solving challenges and making the right trade-offs. Whether there are challenges in today’s operational issues, or strategic challenges to keep the business healthy.

We tackle a range of topics. Our team consists of seasoned strategy consultants with a background in top-tier management consultancy and they all have real business sense, from their experiences as entrepreneurs or from their business careers.

Effective problem-solving, frank & crisp communication and smooth collaboration with your team are amongst our core competencies. On top of that, we specialize in making sure any solution will work for you today, plus enables lasting impact. Both financial, and non-financial impact; we call this Return on Sustainability – it is our approach for combining healthy profits for business with making the planet a better place where humans can thrive. Read more about how we do this here.

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Strategy consultants offering sustainable business solutions, instead of ‘sustainability strategy’ consultants

When thinking long-term value creation as well as impact today, we see four dominant strategic themes and questions:

  • How to improve the value in supply base & sourcing and improve SRM?
  • How to align supplier incentives to desired outcomes?
  • How to mitigate supply risks (crisis and ‘steady-state’) and seize new opportunities?
  • How to create an adaptive, reliable and future-proof supply chain?
  • How to structurally improve my Return on Innovation?
  • How to align my innovation to my sustainability strategy?
  • How to develop an eco-system with suppliers & partners who grow together with us?
  • How to organize innovation initiatives and ventures better, and manage & measure for more impact?
  • Which new business models emerge from increase of re-use, repair, and other ‘re-value’ activities? 
  • How to align procurement & design? 
  • How to improve resource efficiency 
  • How to achieve ‘zero waste to landfill’ for our foot- & handprint? 
  • How to unlock value from partnering with others to close our loop and/or theirs? 
  • How do we align the organization around a new direction? And how to best unleash the potential of our employees and organization to contribute to our long-term success? 
  • How to proactively engage with our stakeholders such as investors, regulators, and society?  
  • How do I or we as a team develop our leadership to best contribute to ‘4P impact’ and balance for our business? 

Other services

Kick-start sustainability

Start, define & align; make the business case work, scan opportunities, link to core business; and find a concrete starting point. Read more.

Deliver & Show impact

Tell your story, formulate ambitions, act, show traction (convert quick wins), measure & share progress, and deliver impact. Read more.

Stay ahead

Become ‘integrally sustainable’, scale your impact, differentiate, manage trade-offs, change the system, reap the benefits of pioneering. Read more.