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Take clear steps, show traction & measure impact

So you’ve identified what sustainability means for your companies’ context, identified the business case drivers, and got started. Superb!

Energy is flowing, still: paper never refused ink, and calculations in excel are patient… It is time for action! And time to share your story and your progress with the outside world. 

On any to do list would be: 

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  • Metrics: Make sure you can measure what matters clearly and transparently – to assess progress towards goals and ambitions. Incorporate these metrics into KPIs for leadership and the broader organization.  
  • Marketing & Stakeholder Communication: Communicate what you dowhy that matters, and how you are progressing. Hereby you bring stakeholders (customers, employees, investors & others) on board on the journey and increase buy-in and involvement early 
  • Action! Get started with actual initiatives and opportunities: demonstrate early success, meanwhile learning a lot (and daring to fail fast!). Getting any ‘low-hanging’ fruit – (financial and across 4P’s) on the table sooner, makes it easier to take on the bigger opportunities in both footprint & handprint.
  • Reporting: Publish your progress towards the ambition level you have set. Don’t shy away from sharing what is not yet working, which challenges you face and what trade-offs need attention: this transparency is increasingly valued and expected by customers, investors and other stakeholders.   

This is what we do to support and accelerate your progress in this stage of the journey. Enable decision-making and accelerate impact by using our ‘Business 4P Impact’ tool, allowing you to:

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